Shezhen Zundian Furniture Co., Ltd. is the chairman unit of the Shenzhen Furniture Association, is engaged in designing and producing high-end classical furniture.  Since 1995, Zundian designed its first high-end home bar table, gradually expand its products into the high-end European-style classical suite, living room, dining room and study room.  Currently it has six series, namely “新古典新贵族迪奥香榭1西雅图” and “浪漫巴黎

After years of sustained development, Zundian furniture has always been the trend leader of original Chinese design for elegant European style furniture.  Its brand value and innovative services to the end consumers has been high recognized  It is a famous star in the domestic furniture industry.  The brand, "Zundian” awarded "China's Top Ten Domestic Industry Furniture Brand” in years 2005/06. 2007/08, 2009/10 and 2011/12, it also selected as “Asia Top 500 Brands from year 2010 – 2013.


 “Zundian” furniture emphasis on design, use of sophisticated materials, excellent service and environmental friendly.  Currently, we have approximately 500 sales outlets in the PRC.  Our products are also exported to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia and other places.


We committed to provide elegant lifestyle, healthly and safe household products for every family.  Zundian does not only produce high-quality furniture, it is also devote its effort on promoting elegant home culture.  We aspire to be the furniture industry specialists and marketing experts.

  • 新贵族系列
  • 新古典系列
  • 香榭1號系列
  • 西雅图系列
  • 浪漫巴黎系列
  • 迪奥系列

Employees Declaration

Employees Declaration

We aspire to be the furniture industry specialists and marketing experts.

We would like to put our youth, talent, love and dedication to Zundian.  We will enthusiastically met our colleagues and customers everyday.  We are striving for progress everyday.  We firmly believe that “Zundain is continuously be the furniture industry leader.


Our slogan: “The Classical Tradition,  Forever Zundian!  Striving to be Number 1 brand in European style furniture!” <”经典传承、尊典永恒! 争创欧式家具第一品牌!”


  • The 8th Top Asia’s Brands 500 Award
  • 2013 Shenzhen Top Brand Medals
  • China Environmental Labeling Product Certificate
  • 2012 Top Ten Wood Furniture Brands
  • 2007 China Top 10 Most Influential Brands of Furniture
  • 2007 Mr. Huang Wei Ye elected as Chinese furniture industry Top 10 People
  • Guangdong Province Furniture Export Outstanding Enterprises (2005-2009)