Brands MOGOU


 - an core members of the Hing Lee (HK).  It was built up by top European design team through years of preparation and effort.  “Mogou” currently has three series, namely,  “Coastal”, “Sttaccatoo”, and “Oscar”.  Products have variety style to suit personal taste.

“Mogou” provide variety of color combinations to meet individual needs customers.  Customers can use our customized system quickly show their home fitting with our furniture or customized the products to fit their own need.

  • 地中海.思伽图-客厅
  • 地中海.蔻斯图-卧房
  • 地中海.思伽图-卧房
  • 地中海.思伽图-卧房
  • 欧式现代.奥斯卡-客厅
  • 欧式现代.奥斯卡-卧房

Employees Declaration

Employees Declaration

We can go longer, not relies on the feet, but by ambition,

We can climb higher, not by the body, but by will,

What can we do, not by hands, but by wisdom

We can see how far, not on the eyes, but the mind

Hope, let us realize; Miracle, let us create!


  • CQC Quality Environmental Certificate
  • The 8th Top Asia’s Brands 500 Award Certificate
  • The 8th Top Asia’s Brands 500 Award Medals
  • 2013 Environmental Quality Award
  • 2013 Innovative Enterprise Award
  • 2012 The 28th Shenzhen Exhibition Quality Environmental Award
  • Top Ten Innovative Brand Living Room Furniture Brand2011/12